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Respected doctor,I am 65 yrs old male.My problem is that I have started gaining weight suddenly.My food intake is normal like before.I never consume heavy meals.I prefer homeopatic medicines only mostly suggested by you.Fatigue is also the problem.I am not diabetic.Please suggest me what to do.Thankyou.

Have you checked your thyroid gland? Sometimes a slow thyroid gland can cause weight gain and fatigue.
Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Do you work too much or are too active? Do you crave sweets and coffee or stimulants?
If you have had this problem for a short time only, look back before it began - did you have a very stressful period in your life before this all happened?

The thyroid gland gives us strength and energy, so when we need constant stimulation to stay up late or work a lot of worry too much all the time, the thyroid can become overworked and exhausted, leading to tiredness and weight gain. A medical test can check for thyroid hormone production and tell you if that is the case.

If so, there are remedies like Thyroidinum or Thyroid gland in 12C potency or 30c, that can help balance the thyroid, provided you also take care to rest.
Raspberry leaf herbal tea is a good thyroid support and you can drink that as much as you like. Coffee and sweets give you a rise in energy but exhaust the thyroid, so are best avoided.

Since we don't know if your physical body is OK, it is hard to pick a remedy just for general exhaustion and weight gain. There are no remedies for weight loss (or we would be millionaires if that were the case). But if we find out the cause of this, a remedy can help fix that.

There are too many remedies useful for tiredness, to list here. I need more symptoms or a history of this situation to figure out what is causing it.



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