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Homeopathy/varicocele treatment


sir I am 22 years old/46 weight I have a varicocele in my left testis  from one year i was identified by Doctor 10-11-2012  through the ultra sound and also shows that grade of varicocele

Right testis : 3.4x1.7x1.2 CM
Left testis  : 3.9x2.1x1.1 CM

and Doctor also told me that it is bilateral sir is it necessary to get surgery or can be it affect fertility problem? sir if it is cure by medicine so please suggest me that proper medicines for varicocele and for healthy and long sexual life.

Hello aiajz, you are welcome

There is no specific homeopathic remedy for this condition. Moreover, if you choose treatment by medicine, then it will take relatively long time. You can consult a local homeopath for your treatment. It is up to you to decide between medicine and surgery.

Dr. Sultan Mahmud
Date 6-12-12


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