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         I'm 43,male.My weight is correct as per height and I am exercising and good health .I have one peculiar doubt.Often I have seen the article" you have to eat foods in little portions for several sessions than heavy in 3 sessions per day.In my country,normally 3 sessions per day followed.this help to reduce weight.if this is true means I can increase 2 more sessions per day ( no increase in quantity per day)but it make my digestive system,liver and other organs work continuously without this affect their health?

         2) Liver need rest so some article recommended one day fruit juice diet for make liver rest.can i follow taking only juices,milk etc one da per week.Stopping tea good for liver health.?I m taking 2-3 tea per day(100 ml each)

         3) fasting of one or 2 sessions per week good for health? Kindly answer my queries

         4)My liver and kidney function test are good but I m 50 percent grey so I find ways .I have taken ketoconazole and other fungus curing tablet long time I m precaution about liver function.May I take nuts,date fruits as usual( take little quantities everyday)

Dear Mr.Kumar,
*The golden rule for eating is "Eat when you are hungry".There is no harm if you eat the right type of foods when you feel hungry.It doesnot matter if you eat 3 times or 5 times day, provided if you take wholesome food when you are really hungry.Just listen to your body wisdom.
*If you are taking a whole plant based diet, you may not  need to do a liver detox.But if you have been taking lots of unhealthy food stuff, its better to change to wholesome diet for a better liver function or you may need a detox.
*Its  always good to reduce your tea intake.There are healthy alternatives for tea.
*Fasting is good if done in the right way with expert guidance.There are various methods of fasting like Juice fasting, fruit fasting etc.
*You could take whole nuts and dry fruits.

Health and happiness!


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