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I am suffering from flesh dissolution from back of my  palm and from between thumb and fore-finger. I do not know the exact term to be used for this ailment or symptom. I also have cramps in all my fingers and toes. There is tremor in my right hand from elbow to all fingers. Please advise some treatment. I do not have any other ailment. My age is 63. The place where I live is a hill station (PANCHGANI) and the temperature here these days is between 15 to 25 degrees.

Hello Sajid
Flesh dissolution can be called in medically wasting or atrophy of muscle. The wasting or atrophy of muscle is a clinical sign of many health issues. So it is not the sole disease. There are many health issues like some nerve diseases - ALS,G.B.Syndrome,L.G.Disaese.polio etc; in case some motor neuropathy; muscular dystrophy; arthritis. But ageing process also another cause of atrophy of muscle. You also have tremors. That can be related to neurological disorders. So it is required a complete diagnosis of your health issue. If you have the investigations reports that can be sent here. After getting the diagnosis we can plan what sorts treatment will be helpful.
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