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Respected Sir,
         For my 3.5 year old grandson Doctors prescribe medicine in globule form (say Pulsatila-30. Nux Vom-30 with 4-5 globules for 3 times a day)But our observation is that the medicines lose its efficacy after about one month and do not remain so much effective.However medicines shops say that that they do not lose its effect so soon.
   My question
A)Whether we should change with new medicines after one month OR
B)Alternatively we can change to mother tincture of the same medicine to get its full effect.In that case what should be the dose.(Say)In half cup water how many drops of medicine and for how many times a day should be the method for this child"

Dear Krishna

1) Homoeopathic prescriptions must be governed by the 3 principles of homoeopathy. the above situvation is happening because you are violating them. the remedy must be selected on the basis of patient and not disease.  the remedy selected on basis of patient need not be given like this  and will not loose the action.
2)first no need of giving every day months together
3)no need of changing remedy.

The remedy selected not fully by homoeopathic principle, but taking some disease symptoms will, and given  daily for months, then effect wades away as the patient starts proving it.

A) the effectiveness of remedy will stay 10 years if you preserve in glass bottle and preserved in neet and clean place
B) No need to give water doses. or dilutions directly. it is always better and easy to give by pill

you wanted to give by water take a teaspoon of water put one drop and give.

A properly selected remedy need not be given several times a day as i told in first.


So kindly discuss with your doctor. to understand what is the correct remedy for your child and give it very minimum doses



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