Hello dr,

I want to ask a basic question, can you please tell how affective are homeopathic mother tinctures are?? And what is the way if getting full benefit of the remedy....like...things to do and no to do when taking them.?

Thank you

Dear Muh

any mother tincture selected properly looking at symptom similarity will support the case. But Most important is the remedy selection and it must be done considering the patient in total. most of the time a perfectly selected remedy itself will be enough and no need to use mother tinctures. I in general dont use them in most cases. when using you can take it after foods and give 30 minutes gap with food and other remedies. As you are not asking about a specific remedy it is difficult to tell further, you can ask me about any specific remedy and if i had used i can tell you. But classical homoeopaths mostly dont use them.

sir i am not sure if i clarifide if not feel free to assk


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