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Hello dr,

I want to ask a basic question, can you please tell how affective are homeopathic mother tinctures are?? And what is the way if getting full benefit of the remedy....like...things to do and no to do when taking them.?

Thank you

Dear Muh, you are welcome

Homeopathic mother tinctures are as effective as high potencies. The only difference is that tincture is a low potency. We have to match the potency with the strength of the disease, and it may be anything between mother tincture, 6, 12, 30, 200, 1M….. or CM or even higher potency. There is a famous case of Hahnemann who gave a single drop of tincture of Bryonia to a washerwoman, and she was cured with that single drop.

The other part of your question regarding getting full benefits of the remedy, requires detailed discussion which is not possible here. You are suggested to read “Organon” and some other standard books on homeopathy. I hope I have answered your question.

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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