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My name is Imtiaz. Could you please sort one of my query.
1. Hahnemann laid importance on treatment with a well selected single remedy.He was not in the favour of two or more remedies.Could you please tell me why he was against treatment with two or more remedies.Could you please mention side effects or drawback of using two remedies.
2.Another question is that can we use two or more remedies for treatment of same disorder if they are matching symptoms picture.
3.Can we take two different remedies for different problems at the same time.

Dear Imtiaz, you are welcome.

Your question requires detailed discussion, which is not possible here. Here are two suggestions for you.
1.   Go to the website http://www.linkedin.com and sign up. After signing up join the homeopathic group “Homeopathy News & Research Updates”. In that group you can put your query for discussion and you will get your answer in much detail.
2.   Carefully read the “Organon”, every thing is described there.

Have a good day

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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