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Hello Sir,
My name is Ronit.  could you please reply to this query of mine.I have social anxiety disorder.I decided to treat it on my own.I decided to do that as have studied homeopathy and I have knowledge of homeopathy.But still I have a doubt. please clarify it.
I know that high potency homeopathic remedies must be taken whenever there is need or return of symptoms).
So,I took the natrum muriaticum (1 M)for my treatment as follows----
1. (18 dec 2012---- first dose of natrum)on starting the treatment.
2.(29 dec 2012----second dose of natrum)
3.(14 jan 2013----third dose of natrum) on feeling the need as if my  anxiety has somewhat returned.
Every time I took a dose I felt better.But after a 7-10 days I felt symptoms not improving and anxiety returning.I felt need to take a dose again.
Also I have studied many case studies of homeopathic treatment by well qualified experienced homeopaths.In that they  gave a dose of an homeopathic remedy on the day of starting the treatment.Then they waited for a month and gave second dose after one month wnen some symptoms improved but not all.Then they waited for another 1-2 months and gave third dose.Likewise they gave only 5-6 dose in an year(very few doses).But In my case i am feeling a need to take the remedy in every 10 days.I know that homeopathic treatment varies as per individual requirements.But I hardly came across a case in which a qualified homeopath has given doses in a gap of 10 days.
Now,my doubt is as follows,
why I am feeling a need to take doses in a gap of just  9-10 days or is it normal for this to happen?
I have a feeling that it may be because the medicine is not of  good quality or genuine as it costed me just Rs.25(not even half of a U.S. dollar) for a tube containing 40-50 pellets of natrum muriaticum 1m which I purchased from local homeopathic store.Although the rate is same in an other store. My doubt is perhaps medicine is not of good quality or genuine thats why I am feeling a need to take it in every 9-10 days.Also,when I take the remedy I feel better within first few days of taking the medicine but after 9-10 days I feel a need to repeat a dose.I have this doubt because I heard about counterfeit or duplicate medicines.
Please clarify my doubt.

Hello Ranit
There are so many misconception and misunderstanding in you about the homeopathy dose potency. What make you choose Natrum Mur is your remedy? There are so many remedies for anxiety like - Acon., Ęth., Agn., Amyl, Anac., Ant. c., Arg. n., Ars., Asaf., Aur., Bell., Bism., Bor., Cact., Calc. c., Camph., Can. ind., Cham., Cim., Cinch., Coff., Con., Cupr. m., Dig., Hep., Ign., Kali c., Lach., Lil. t., Med., Nat. e., Nat. m., Nit. ac., Nux. v., Op., Phos., Plat., Psor., Puls., Rhus t., Sec., Sep., Sil., Staph., Stram., Sul., Tab., Ver. a. .
Have you gone through kent's 12 observation?
Have you taken the consideration of miasmatic back ground?
What make you to understand when symptoms return higher potency should be given , in which aphrosim of organon it is mentioned?
why you thing 1M is the higher potency only? Why not 10M, 50M, CN, DM ?
Have you taken consideration herings law of cure?
So I would like to suggest please dont go for self medication. Consult a qualified homoeopath for any of your health issues. It is because homeopathy deals the vital force, you can say body's immune power. So any wrong step could be more hazardous than material allopathic dose.

Your case diagnosis - as per kents 12th observation - amelioration then again reappearance. It comes under 5th.
Inference - the remedy was only a superficial remedy, and could act only as palliative.
Required - Retake the case and a more similar medicine is to be prescribed.

Thank you


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