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"Respected Sir,
My Para(Local)doctor has advised me to give Agarphis Nutan(6),Dilution to my 4 year old grandson for his problem of breathing with mouth SPECIALLY AT NIGHT DURING SLEEP whenever nasal congestion is there(NOT ALWAYS for 365 days).But the child suffers from frequent Running Nose and Sneezing due to cold allergy.X Ray of Adenoid Gland was done as per advice of ENT Expert ,but not much trouble could be found in Adenoids.
         Whether Agarphis Nutan can be given and in what dose"

Dear Sonulingam, you are welcome

The correct spelling of the remedy is “Agraphis Nutans”. You have asked two questions:
1.   Whether “Agraphis Nutan” can be given
2.   in what dose
First of all I would like to tell you that I have never used this remedy because it has a few symptoms only. However it can be used in the case of your grandson because there is some rough symptom similarity. You should KEEP it in your mind that it MUST NOT be used regularly. Only occasional doses when needed. The best prescription is that which is based on the total picture of the patient, i.e. mental, emotional, physical and pathological symptoms. However, I hope that this remedy will relieve your grandson’s distress reasonably.

Now the second question. You can give one or two drops of the remedy, directly on the tongue or in a spoonful of water, preferably once a day or at the maximum two times a day.  Give one or two doses of the remedy and then wait and let the medicine work. Don’t repeat it too often.

Remember, two drops of the remedy are more than sufficient. By giving more medicine you will not do any good to the patient. Similarly, too frequent repetition for a long period may aggravate the disease. I hope it will help you.

Wish your grandson’s full recovery

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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