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My son, 33, takes water while eating. He has a flabby stomach. His body also perspires.  He sleeps with AC on. He feels restless in normal temperature. He sips water after every ten minutes during day. Also drinks water at night every time he gets up from sleep. He has no craving for alchohals; he is teetotaller otherwise. He has some dry eczema around his heals. He has no other disease. Takes fast-food (salty mixtures, etc. available in the market). I had given him Cal.Carb 200 for obesity & perspiration in the past. At present, he is taking Dr. Reckweg's R-89 for hairs regrowth for the last two years which has benefitted him but not permanently. Please advise homeo medicine........M.L. Gandhi (9873646564) New Delhi

Dear Mr. Gandhi,
         It is your son's preference for fast food that is most probably responsible for his obesity as well as his excessive thirst. To be on the safer side, please get his blood sugar levels tested, as, these days, the incidence of diabetes in youngsters has been found to have increased significantly, all thanks to their food habits and erratic lifestyles. Also, get a glucose tolerance test done to find out if he is a prediabetic. Calcarea carbonica is an excellent remedy for obesity, but it works well only if it fits a patient's constitution. Therefore, I suggest that you see a good homeopath close to you to select the correct remedy for your son. If you want me to prescribe more accurately, you will have to give me more details about your son, based on the questionnaire provided by me on the website. Thank you.  


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