"Respected Sir,
        Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Something Else?PLEASE HELP
Fatherís  Age-88, Diabetic Patient for long 30 years, and operated for Piles some 40 years back. Suffered from Diabetic Neuropathy, Opearated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome some 2 years back.
Presently taking Neuropathy and also Medicines for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart-Normal
To relieve constipation Allopathic Medicines failed, Isabgul creates Gas
(A)Takes Ayurvedic Medicines (Sena Leaf Combination) BUT DOSE CANNT BE ADJUSTED. On some days heavy loose motion, on other days no stool CAUSING GAS, BLOATING
Regularly takes Antacid Tablets
Sleep-Normal, Appetite deteriorates  when there is no stool
1)When he takes Ayurvedic Kabz Har/Kayam Churnahe feels urge for stool or No Stool as mentioned in (A) above
2)Stool size is like small balls has to be taken out by fingering
3)Thirst desire is less
Whenever there is no stool even for a single day feels UNCOMFORTABLE AS ABOVE
4)Sometimes there is mucus in stool"

Dear Kalyan,
         Your father's constipation, gas, and colicky pain could be because of his uncontrolled blood sugar as well as because of the medicines that he could be taking to control his blood sugar. This is precisely why a doctor needs to be very careful and observant when trying to treat patients with diabetes. As far as possible, try and convince your father to take Isabghul only, as it is not habit-forming. it is simply fiber that traps water and increases the bulk of the stools so as to stimulate bowel movements. If you list out all the medicines that he is taking and also share his recent blood sugar and HbA1c values, I will be in a better position to advice you. In the meanwhile, start off with Nux vomica 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for him for a fortnight. I know he is very elderly, but does he have any form of exercise? If he can walk, he should walk slowly at home or in the vicinity for at least 30 minutes every day. If he can't walk, he needs to exercise in sitting or sleeping posture. You can probably request a yoga instructor to teach you or him how some simple asanas can help to stimulate his abdominal organs as well as the overall circulation of blood in his body. Also, pranayama can help to a very great extent in improving his condition even at this age. If he cannot eat or drink much, let him have small meals at regular intervals. This way, his blood sugar will never shoot up. Thank you.  


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