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Homeopathy/Is cure for peyronie's disease available in homeopathy?


QUESTION: I am a 21 year old guy. I masturbated excessively and aggressively, and now I am facing severe penis pain due to burst of blood vessels. For now, seven days have passed, and it has healed slightly. But the healing process is extremely slow, it almost feels like there is no healing. However, I am not saying that it has not healed at all, but it is just healing very slowly. On the other hand, I am regulary showering my penis with cold water so that the blood circulation increases and hope that it heals by it. Today morning when I woke up, I found that the painful side of my penis is hard. The blood vessels and tissues were hard more than the other side of the penis which is in normal condition. Let me tell you that I have a naturally bent penis towards the left side (the side which is paining and hard due to excessive masturbation). I went to the bathroom and took cold shower to relieve it and it did helped me. But I am afraid that I may be on the risk of peyronie's disease. Obviously, I am facing severe erectile dysfunction, anxiety and severe depression because of it. Overall, how do you see my case? Will it heal more or should I visit urologist for this issue? The only thing that is worrying me is hardness and inflammation of the effected area. Do you still think I can recover from this problem? Will the hardness and inflammation go itsels as I hear that peyronie's disease heal itself most of the time?? I am planning to take Arnica 200, will it help?

ANSWER: Dear Den,
        Yes, Arnica 200C will definitely help to take care of the trauma. But, I suggest that you also take Silicea 12X, 4 tablets thrice daily for a month to try and reduce the chances of fibrosis in your penile tissues. You may also gently massage the shaft of your penis with warm castor oil, as it also has medicinal properties. Do tell me if this is helping you by the next fortnight; or else, I may have to suggest some other medications for you. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear Prasad,

You prescribed me Silicea 12x, right? But is this potency powerful like 30 or 200? Moreover, I am having difficulty in finding the oil you prescribed. Can I apply vaseline moisturizing cream to penis instead of it?

ANSWER: Dear Den,
        It's surprising that you couldn't find castor oil, as it is very readily available in India. In fact, I suggested it, as there is a full book written on its medicinal properties by Edgar Cayce, a reknowned psychic, who had healed thousands of people in his lifetime. Silicea 12X is a biochemic medicine that is known to prevent or reduce the formation of fibrous adhesions safely. The homeopathic forms in the 30C or 200C potencies are very potent and need to be taken often only under the supervision of a homeopath, as they can open up old fibrous scars and trigger pus formation. So, one needs to be a little careful. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Hey Prasad,

I forgot to tell you that I am not from India; I am from Pakistan. Well, I never checked homeopathy stores here. Can I find castor oil in homeopathy stores or herbal store? I forgot to tell you the most important thing is that I can get semi-erections but my entire left penis shaft is harder than the right one. BUT:

1) There is NO extra curvature in penis due to injury.  

2) There is NO pain while the penis is semi-erect in penis shaft. The only pain is of ruptured blood vessel which is healing slowly near the penis root.

However, the only thing that is worrying me the most is the hardness of the penis shaft. Usually, penis bents in peyronie's but that's not my case. But what is it? Am I really suffering from peyronie's or not? I want to know that is there any scientific proof that homeopathy works?

Dear Den,
        Firstly, castor oil is usually available in any medical stores, as it is used to treat constipation and is also used as an application for burn injuries. The hardness that you feel is the fibrotic tissue that I was talking about. Allopaths and researchers do not consider Homeopathy to be scientific, because they cannot explain its mode of action in allopathic terms. However, there is enough clinical evidence to show that it does work. There are millions of believers in Homeopathy in India. I'm sure they would never have supported a nonsensical or fake system of medicine. Nowadays, scientists are attempting to explain the action of homeopathic medicines on the basis of quantum physics, molecular memory, and immunomodulation. You may not be suffering from Peyronie's disease now, but your present condition could culminate into that. If in doubt, please get examined by a qualified surgeon or andrologist. Thank you.


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