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Dear Dr. Mehmud
I have a very special problem and I am hoping you can help.
Back in 1993 my hearing was going down and the doctors here in USA
diagnosed as the Stapes being fused to gather in the RIGHT ear and they will have to go in and separate the two. Needless to say that the operation did not go too well and the STAPES got cut-off completely. Now my hearing in that ear is ZERO. Even a hearing-aid does  not work.
Now the LEFT ear, they put a tube in my LEFT ear to control the puss. And it has been in there since 1993 and only last ear I had it taken out. Now there is a hole in my LEFT ear. My hearing in my LEFT era is about 5%. I wear a hearing aid and getting by. I am OK in a quite place but in noisy places it is a nightmare.
So my question is, "Is there some Homeopathic remedy that will GROW the STAPES back or somehow repair the problem?
And then is there a Homeopathic remedy that will plug up the hole in my LEFT ear?   
Just a brief background of mine, I am 71yrs. old and currently living in California. Other than the hearing problem, my health in general is good, no Cholesterol, Diabetes or any  other serious problem. Yes, my Blood Pressure runs a little high for that I take Allopathic medicine and has been under control.
Please guide me with my hearing problem. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Kanwal Chaudhary

Dear Kanwal Chaudhary, you are welcome

Sorry to hear about your problem. Here is the reply.

1.   I donít think that the stapes will regenerate again. It is just like growing a leg after being amputated.

2. Now there are two issues to be addressed. Filling the hole and improvement of your residual hearing. The easiest way to repair the hole is to get surgical help. Homeopathy will take a long time to fill this gap. However, you can take homeopathic treatment for the improvement of your hearing, and reduction of noise level. This treatment may also help to repair the hole.

3. I would like to tell you that in homeopathy there is no specific remedy for any disease or condition. You have to take proper homeopathic treatment for which detailed case taking and follow ups are required. You can take treatment from a nearby homeopath or contact me through my website for online treatment.

Wish you good health,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud




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