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Hi Ati,

I last took your advise for my lower back problem and it has worked wonders. Thanks so much.

This time it is for my wife Parul's health condition. She has a history of rheumatoid arthritis for > 15 years now. Recently she has developed acute pain in her left shoulder and neck area and it appears to be spreading to the right as well.

Health Goals for Parul
1. Immediate relief for shoulder / neck pain (started from left and more pain in left)
2. Long-term improvement to Rheumatoid arthritis. Most pronounced stiffness in elbows, wrist and fingers

Please advise appropriate homoeopathic remedies.
Thanks in advance.

Dear Kapil,

There are way too many remedies for rheumatism than you can pick from, so I can only give you an indication of some choices you can try. If they don't work, consult a homeopath who can take more details and choose a new and better remedy.

Sulphur is useful in left shoulder pain of different types, so you can try it in 200C - take a dose and sip in water (2-3 globules stirred well in a glass of water), repeat 1-2xday for 2-3 days. If it does not help, try another remedy:

Chelidonium, Rhus t., Hypericum are some other choices, take the same way, one at a time.
Arnica 200C helps in many painful conditions and can also be used as a cream. Another good ointment is Traumeel by the company HEEL. There may be also other measures to take like Calcium/Magnesium supplement, magnesium oil applied to painful areas, other supplements that help reduce inflammation and heal the joints.

As for the long-term arthritis, this will need a few months of treatment with a series of remedies that need to be selected by a professional for it to work as a permanent solution. In 15 years what started as a simple problem usually gets complicated and spreads to other areas, so all of that has to be assessed and reversed with the use of remedies, exercises and herbal or supplement solutions.

Most bone/joint/muscle pain is caused by life trauma involving a situation where the person feels weak to deal with it or devalued in some way. Elbows are about performance, as if not being able to perfor properly in sports or at work. hands and fingers are also about work or some other activity that involves use of the hands. When something happens in life and the person feels suddenly unable to cope or keep up with the demands, a weakness in the bones or joints ensues.

Later, when the problem is resolved, this initial weakeness is fixed through inflammation and joint pain ,diagnoes as "arthritis". Medicines are used to suppress the pain and this slows down healing of the tissues, leading to a chronic problem.
Another reason for chronic arthritis is the recurrence of similar issues on and on in life, keeping the person constantly feeling "not good enough" and cycling through joint weakness and arthritis.

The arthritis itself can impede good quality use of the hands and arms, which can also induce a sense of self-devaluation, a secondary crisis this time caused by the healing process (arthritis is a healing process).

To cure long-term arthritis you also have to see what is the life situation causing this constant distress not just in the body but also in the mind. Most people cannot reason this way, so they try to heal the body only in order to continue living in a difficult situation. Unfortunately this is not possible - hence the lack of "cure" for arthritis.

If your wife is right handed, her left shoulder indicates worries and concerns over her children or mother. Perhaps she feels too responsible for them or has taken on too many duties and feels that she no longer has the strength to carry that burden. perhaps there has been an event causing her to feel betrayed or attacked by children or mother. The pain in the shoulder would have appeared soon after that event occurred.

Calming the mind and finding solutions that will make her feel strong and capable again will help this to heal and not happen again. Taking homeopathy can help healing happen better and faster, but if there is a strong emotional component, then that too has to be taken care of or she will always have a tendency toward joint pain.

Having said that, nutrition and proper exercise needs to be also looked at to rule out nutrient deficiencies like magnesium or calcium. Also, this could be caused by some deeper illness that is now causing body aches, it could also come from a pinched nerve in the spine or back or neck - these things need to also be ruled out, as then we are dealing with a different problem.

I hope this helps,


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