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My main problem is that I get sleep mostly on alternate days.Some times for a few days I may get regular sleep also .This pattern is for the last 14 years ,almost after I started taking Eltroxin 50 mg and Rosuvas 5mg for thyroid malfunction .Even during day I just get a nap for only 30 min .I do feel tired if i have not slept night before .
I am very methodical and sensitive individual staying with my husband ,my both children are well settled , we have no financial problem
My appetite and thrust is normal .I get dreamy during last part of night on sleepless night.Temparametallly I get irrited at times.
I am veg ,take tea only twice a day.I have no bowel or urine problem.I spend about 3hrs in kitcen standing without problem
I am 68 years,active ,female,5ft 4 in ,60kg,regularly walk for 45 min. ,yoga 30 min,

     Sleeplessness is a very common problem, and it is very difficult to treat the problem, as the causes vary from person to person. The best way out is to try and find out the trigger factors in your case and try to modify them. Also, you can think about activities that bring on sleep in your case. For example, some people get drowsy by reading for about half an hour before going to sleep. Others like to bathe with warm water, drink a glass of warm milk, or listen to instrumental music to fall asleep. Ensure that your bed, your pillows, and the ambiance of your bedroom are as per your liking and comfort levels. On the homeopathic side, you may take Passiflora mother tincture, 15 drops in half a glass of water, half an hour before going to sleep. It is known to relax the mind and induce sleep naturally. It is absolutely safe and has no adverse effects. Thank you.


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