sir, i am having goiter for over 10 yrs.but my blood reports are normal.allopaths recommend operation.i was put on thyroxin 5 mg.but the debility only worsened.FNAC reveals multinodular goiter -non malignant.so i don't want to go for surgery.but the debility,the palpitation,the laziness,the forgetfulness,the mood swings are all consuming my life.i feel frustrated.my family is being taxed.thyroidinum also aggrevated the symptoms.kindly help.

Dear Anoopama,

Goiter is the result of repetitive and acute stress in life, striving too hard, having to put a lot of effort all the time and rushing to get everything done. It is the result of the body constantly demanding more energy. Once your thyroid started weakening, your body started creating more thyroid tissue to make "more thyroid" to keep up with the demand.

Until you relax your mind and reduce the demand for energy, your body will not be interested in letting go of the goitre.
You need a combination between homeopathic remedies to help restore balance and to reduce the goitre, along with learning ways to slow down your life or emotions a bit, so your body and mind can relax.

Thyroidinum is but one remedy and it is usually helpful, in the right potency. This has to be established by an experienced homeopath and also monitored, as it  can change as your symptoms change.

There are many remedies to help with thryoid, goitre, mood swings and tiredness, but all of this is the EFFECT of a deeper problem and not the actual problem. So all solutions to control the thyroid gland will just help for a while and will just mask the real issue. The reality is that something in your life has to change in order for your body to want to get rid of the goitre.
And if it is not your actual life demands causing so much stress and fatigue, then perhaps it is your mental state. People who are prone to stress, anxiety, have high demands on themselves and others, tend to have problems with fatigue, mood swings and exhaustion.

Another element is also heredity. Sometimes we inherit by birth a tendency to be delicate, high strung and easily stressed out. In that case, there are homeopathic remedies to help you with this as well, but they have to be selected and administered carefully and at the right time to work well.

meanwhile, there are many herbs, exercises and other measures you can take to soothe your symptoms and support your thyroid and emotional state until a full cure is accomplished.

This is a not a simple situation and there is no one remedy or simple cure, but a treatment process is required and the help of an experienced homeopath or healer to get you through to success!

Good luck,


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