Gudmorning Mr Satapathy, my sister  25 has a problem of getting fits more often... She is under alopathic neurological treatment since last 10 to 12 years.. She is fine if she takes her medicines regularly .. But whenever she misses her dose .. Or doctor tries tries  to reduce the medicine power she faces the problem...during attack  these r the symptoms

Teeths get shattered..daantkapkapana
Moohn se kha agh aana
And she falls backward

It's time for her to get married, bt we don't  want to get her married unless she is fine... Plz help

It is required more in detail symptoms to prescribe any constitutional medicine like what is the mental condition before the fits attack? does she losses consciousness or not. Can she able to say the origin of aura before the seizure start. But at the beginning you start with those medicines and update after 15 days
Oenanthe crocata - 30 - liquid - 2 to 3 drops at a time 3 times in a day daily for 15 days then update the health status
Bufo rana - 30 - liquid - 2 to 3 drops at a time 3 times in a day daily for 15 days
Thank you


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