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"I am 30 years old.I had Poly Cyst Overian Syndrome.I have a boy,3 months 7 months old,birth by Ceaserian section and through Fertility Drugs.Very Recent Sonography shows,NO CYST,ALTHOUGH I SUFFER FROM IRREGULAR PERIODS.Please suggest some Homoeopathy Medicines with Dosage Details for regularisation of periods"

It is broad term of irregular period which can define not regular. So I need the detail symptoms.
1) the menstrual cycle is in time or delay i.e. after the expected date of cycle ( if delay then how many days it get delay) or early i.e. before the expected date of menstrual cycle ( if early then how many days before it appear)or one month delay next month early.
2)Is there any pain associated with it? If yes then which portions are paining - abdomen or back or abdomen to thigh or both abdomen and back; what types of pain like aching or burning types, after giving pressure does it releive or not.. the details are required.
3) What is the quantuty of bleeding ? is it scanty or profuse or normal..
4) what is the duration of bleeding? less than 1 day or 1-2 days or 2 -3 days or 4-6 days or more than 6 days
5) Does the bleding is continuous or stop and again start after a day.
6) Write down the "impresion" part of ultra sound repoert (recent one) exact word by word in correct spelling.
7) Give your recent thyroid test report. If not done the thyroid test then do the test of "thyro profile - T3,T4,TSH" and send me the reports. Also do your blood Hb%  
8) write down all other symptoms if any appear before or during menstrual cycle .. for example headache before and during period, or diarrhoea or dysentry symptoms tendency before or during perriod or constipation before or during period, body pain before or during period, depression or irtability before or during period
Give the detail symptoms that will help to prescribe some medicines.
Thank you


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