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Sir, I am 37 years old. due to drug ediction(Canabis, sleeping pil, yaba) and excessive masturbation i am suffering from Following problem :

1) Low libido
2) slow, low and incomplete erection
3)Erections failing after a very short time
4)too quick ejaculation
5) Loss of semen during stool
6) Semen thin and odorless
7) Loss of memory, Mental weakness
8) Nerve Hypersensitivity

Do daily some sort of exercise
take all vagetarian foods
avoid all junk and fast foods
take your foods in time
avoid all sort of addiction like smoking, alcohol, or any other if you have
avoid caffein
practice meditation regularly
practice yoga regularly
Practice the Kegel exercise daily - visit the link - http://men.webmd.com/kegel-exercises-treating-male-urinary-incontinence
Take the homeopathic medicine - agnus castus- 30C - two times daily wekly 5 days for 1 month
Thank you


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