my aunty is paralyzed from 3 years.both side of body affected.she is unable to walk and her both hand is also not working properly.her speech power is to weak.there is no pain in the body.she also suffers with diabetes.please advise me homeopathy medicine with potency and its doses. I shall be much obliged to you for this.hre age is over 50 and color fair complexion.earlier she used to smoking.

She is in paralysis of both side i.e. of paraplegia condition might have due to cerebral stroke.For paralysis give the following medicines with all the things advised here
1)Causticum - CM - Dr.Reckweg- liquid - 2 to 3 drops weekly once on every SUNDAY for 2 months
2)Sulphur- 1M - Dr.Reckweg- liquid - 2 to 3 drops weekly once on every MONDAY for 2 months
3) Daily physiotherapy for 30 minutes under any qualified physiotherapist
4)Take care of any bed sore if there. If there is any bedsore then dress daily with Calendula Q and keep it open. For bed sore give - silicea 30 and Flouric acid 30 4 times daily from each one till it not healed up completely. Use water bed ( water bed can be available at any medicine store).
5) If using catheter then change it every week. The urine pouch or bag should be changed in every 4 days. Take her body temperature every day 2 times. If her body temprature is rising more than 100 degree F then it could be due to UTI. Do the urine test every 7 days interval. If there is any UTI give the following medicines - Cantharis - 200 - dr.reckweg-liquid - 2 to 3 drops every 2 hourly 5 times daily and Pyrogen -200 - Dr.Reckweg-liquid- 2 to 3 drops evry 3 hourly 4 times daily. Both medicines give for 5 days. Give more water ( If the kidneys are not functioning properly dont give extra water)
6)Always keep her in an surrounding of positive atmosphere. Make her feel that it is not a big issue and will be cured. Put the extra positive strength in her mind. The care and affection of the close ones will lead the curative process more rapidly.
If you have any doubt or query can contact me here
Thank you


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