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Dear Mr. Sultan,

Welcome back sir. I need some very important help from you. I will be grateful if you answer them as soon as possible. The question which I am going to ask will let me know where my cure is progressing and weather Natrum muriaticum is right remedy to treat my SAD (social anxiety disorder). My question is as follows:

1. My physician gave me first dose of natrum muriaticum 1M on 18 December,2012 . I felt improvement in my condition.After 10 to 12 days he gave me 1M again. After 12-14 days I felt the  effect of the medicine is getting reduced. Now he gave me Natrum muriaticum 10M.This dose  worked for almost one month,then i felt that its effect is gettig reduced. He gave me another dose of 10M.

Now,my question is which of the kents observation you would like to place my case progress on. Also please give the reason for doing so. Is it curable.  Also,  please tell me why in my case  symptoms are returning in 10-12 days when natrum muriaticum 1M was given and in 25-30 days in case of 10M.Is it normal?

Date of birth: 11th of march 1987.
complexion: White
Weight: Approximately 60 kg
Height: 5.4 inches.

If you need any further information please or write to me. Looking for a quick reply sir.

Below I am sending my case history,please have a look at it if required.

I think I am suffering from this problem since I was 19.At that time I did not know that it is a disorder,So I did not go for any treatment then.Now I am 26 years of age.Here below are my

I  feel severe anxiety at public like in metro,walking in a road,while purchasing anything at shops,eating and drinking in the public places while people watch me.I calmed it down to some extent by using Cognitive behavioural therapy.But still its not in my full control.Sometimes I feel to some extent fine but sometimes I feel  severe anxiety.Also I feel unconfident while looking into the eyes of the passingby peoples in road or in public places at first glance or for first few seconds and also during conversation.when I feel anxiety I sweat even in cold climate.I used to go out only when needed which now I have changed to an extent.I feel very anxious during interviews.
An early medical problem.
I had suffered through  depression in my class twelth when I was 17.Tha time I was not able to take decision for very petty things and I used to do a lot of negative thinking which I controlled to some extent now. I l have been suffering through mild depression and inferior complexity even till now which I calm through posiive  and rational thinking.I used to weep a lot then.

Also I feel bad anxiety while making phone calls.I am having phone anxiety.And also I feel anxiety from  girls,So I normally ignore them and do not make an eye contact with them.
I feel mild to severe irritation in heat,under sun.I some times not able to speak comfortably while anxious.
Last serious thing which i want to discuss with you is that people say that I my face looks  angry  while in anxiety, which could be due to the muscle tension so I am doing an exercise called progressive muscle relaxation.
Symptoms get worse  when I weare tight clothes,from sun,In hot weather,in crowded places
symptoms gets better : when  left alone,In cool atmosphere,feels comfortable in closed room,no desire for outside(open)air.

What I am have an aversion to?
What do you have a strong desire for?
coffee,cold milk,butter,cheese,salty and spicy food,ice cream,excessive thirst for water,slightly but not very cold weather.

What or who do you dislike?
music,sun,tight clothe,going out.
Emotional or Psycological Symptoms
emotional instability ,confusion ,depression,poor concentration,anger,anxious,desire for attention,gets upset when did not get attention.
How would you describe your sleep?
Normal but sometimes gets disturbed.
What do you fear most?
being looked in a public place,reptiles,snakes,lizards.

Physical Symptoms
What's your body shape?
medium stature

What is your natural hair colour?
Describe your scalp condition
hair loss.In my head i have a strange problem.There forms a white crust in my head.I stopped  shampoo and soap because i thought it is due to these  products but still crusts continue to form and i have to scratch it out to keep my head clean.
Eye symptoms
improper vision,can not see distant objecs properly.
Digestive symptoms:
fullness, flatulence after eating,bloating.
Urological symptoms :
frequent urination.
What's your facial expression?
looks angry in public places.
Where do you feel the cramping?
What's your disposition(nature)?
worse in dry weather,shy,serious,worse in heat,responsible,hard working,emotional,helping,caring ang loving for family,not social at all,feels busy all the time(shortage of time).
How do you react to stress and tension?
tend to keep things to myself and think about them.
I think that my that my father also had few medical problems like depression which he once mentioned and perhaps anxiety which appears from rude facial expressions.
Do you dream at all? If you do, do you remember them?
Whats the content?
Not much but whenever somebody misbehaves or spat I dream bad about that.
How is your bowel habit?
when having anxiety loose motion.
25. Another peculiar thing in me is that I talk a lot to myself.Sometime i wispers and sometimes when I am alone I talk to myself by making noises.I find it irressistible to sort out my problems without talking to me.

Dear Imtiaz, you are welcome

Your questions are highly technical and of professional nature. I donít think any patient knows the name of late Dr. Kent, moreover even majority of homeopaths donít know about the Kent observations. I have no authority to criticize on someoneís prescription. If you donít have the faith in your doctor, then simply change your doctor.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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