I feel very strange when I drink black tea. If feel like it's a drug for me. It really messes up your mind. I also feel strange in stomach and sometimes have blood in stool when drinking black tea.
My doctor didn't say so much. What would you say about this?

Dear Andrew,
         You may be idiosyncratic to black tea. Therefore, although most people can tolerate black tea fairly well, you cannot. The caffeine and tannin in black tea may be irritating your gastrointestinal tract, causing discomfort and bleeding too. Therefore, I suggest that you avoid drinking black tea as far as possible. you could try the homeopathic remedy called Thea (prepared from tea itself) in the 30C potency, taking 4 pills thrice daily for a fortnight or so, to see if it reduces this idiosyncratic tendency. Thank you.  


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