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Dear sir i am 37 years old. since from i was 16 i m masturbating now i m feeling erectile dsynfunction poor erection and lack of libido testosterone level is very low i have severe problem of premature ejaculation. some times i ejaculated during the penetration in other times i can only continue my sex for just 20 - 30 seconds only.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), early ejaculation or premature ejaculation (PE) are the most commonly occurring health problem now a days. Yes it has lots of health complication in future life. It is needed a proper treatment and guidance to cure it completely. But before that it is required to know the base line cause of ED. There are various factors affect sexual life of a person. Among them the stress and pressure packed life style are the major cause of this health issue. So besides medicines if you are adopting a healthy life style, healthy foods habits that will put much more impact
You can take these homeopathic medicines
1)Agnus castus - 200 - Dr.Reckweg - liquid - 2 to 3 drops two times in a day for 15 days.
2)Kali phos - 200X - 6 tablets two times daily.

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