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Homeopathy/hair fall due to scalp infection


Infected hair
Infected hair  

Infected hair
Infected hair  

My name is Anjali living in USA. I have hair fall problem from 6 month , first i noticed continuous dandruff in my head. then i used some home remedies for dandruff control, like mouthwash (Listerine) & apple cider vinegar. It reduced my dandruff, but after this my hair is still falling and i observed a white particle attached in my most of the hair root. Hair falls with root, and root has always white paticle attached. First i thought it is kind of dandruff, but now feels like some kind of infection. It looks like spore of lice and it bites like a lice.

I used Tea Tree Oil for this , when i wash my hair then its like gone but after two days it start growing, and create itching problem. and when i touch on that point , my hair come out , which is attach with white particle. now my newly grown hair is also got infected and they are also falling and falling rate is increasing. till now i lost my lot of hair. Please help me & suggest some remedy.

Thank you

I will need to do a Complete workup on you to eliminate this problem and find the true cause.
I can't just give you a small answer here, your problem is more serious.
Go to my website:
To the order page and pay for a Complete workup.
Mail me the samples I need by following the directions and when I get them I will do your research and make my prescription to fix this problem.
I am looking forward to helping you.


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