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Hello, I had a bilateral oopherectomy and was put onto Arimidex just over two years ago.  At that time I had a DEXA scan which showed I had osteoporenia at -2.4 in spine, and 1.2 in hip.  Now two years later after another DEXA scan it shows that I have severe osteoporosis at a T score of -3.5 (some areas are at -3.7) in my spine and my hip is at T-1.3.  My z score is -2.6 so I believe this is a secondary severe osteoporosis.  My doctor refuses to treat me until my consultation, so that means six months will have gone by since this diagnosis,so my scores will be even lower.  I need to try and treat it myself or at least help it until someone will see me, what should I do?  Thank you.

Dear Hazal
Yes it is secondary osteopenia due to lack of estrogen result from oophorectomy. Homeopathy has good treatment in case of osteopenia or osteoporosis. It can helps to check the resorption bone matrix as well as increase in absorption. I can suggest some medicines which you can take for considerable period.
1)calcarea phos - 200X
2) calcarea flour - 200x
3) calcarea phos - 200x
4) Silicea - 200x
4 tablets from each one 4 times in a day i.e at a time 16 tabs 4 times in a day daily
If you are gaining weight or mild obese or obese with more body sweating generally from head and prone to repeated upper respiratory infection and aching pains of both legs THEN can use this medicine - calcarea Carb - CM (15 days one dose)

If you are not gaining weight rather slim and sweating more but not profuse from head and prone arthritis problems that aggravates in damp cold weather or change of weather, better feeling in summer or warm waether then take this medicines - Calcarea Phos-CM (15 days one dose)

(Choose the remedy as per your symptom). For more information please dont hesitate to contact me
Thank you


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