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Homeopathy/aggravation from natrum muriaticum


Hello sir,

Welcome back sir.Currently I am having aggravation from  overdosing of natrum muriatium (10m). Now, as per the advice of my expert I antidoted it with a single dose of phosphorus 2ooc.Now my question is will antidoting natrum muriatricum  with phosphorus 200c will  antidote the entire cure of my anxiety problem or just the present active dose of natrum muriaticum.My aggravation started on 15th of april.Earlier I tried to antidote it with coffee with some relief but did not get the full relief.SO,antidoted it with phosphorus on 27th of may.Antidoting one and a half month will not cause my cure getting lost.


Dear Imtiaz, you are welcome

As usual, your question is highly technical, and of professional and educational nature. I have already advised you to join some homeopathic group in LinkedIn.Com. There, you will get numerous detailed answers to your questions from all corners of the world. However, here is the brief answer.
In homeopathy, there is no specific antidote to any remedy. Remedies are administered keeping in view the symptom similarity. The so called antidote removes the popped up, undesirable present symptoms. This antidote should further be followed by some newly indicated remedy in due course. Cure is a gradual process and the properly indicated remedies do not disturb the work completed by some previous remedy/ remedies. Hope, it will satisfy you.

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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