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I read an old post about a guy who playing jokey had a head injury and then a double vision. My husband had a motorcycle accident and had a head injury, overall he is fine but he is having double vision, the accident was 5 days ago, and doctors said the same, a kind of paralysis of IV nerve, my husband says its getting better, but we dont know when exactly wil be resolved. I would like to have your treatment. Do you need more information.  Thank you

I believe you also wrote to me privately.
To select the correct remedies it will be important to know the nature of the fall and all injuries.
There are specific remedies that help with most aspects of trauma to the head and spine:
Arnica - for all kinds of injuries, bruises and for the SHOCK of the trauma itself, as well as for bleeding in the brain.
Natrum sulph. - for whiplash and injuries to the head in particular.
Hypericum - for nerve damage
Helleborus n. - for compression injuries to the spine, injuries to lower back and loss of consciousness as well.

The above are just keynotes of these remedies, there are more symptoms they help resolve.

Symphytum is great for fractures, to heal them faster.
Rhus tox. and Ruta are used for muscle damage, tendons and joints and minor body injuries, wear and tear.

Opium is used for fright, if the accident also caused a fright (which may be the case in a motorcycle accident).

If the skin was scraped badly, applying constantly calendula cream (made out of marygold flowers) helps the skin regenerate faster without infection, pushing debris out.

For a more specific prescription, personal details have to be taken, but the above are a great basic prescription for all sorts of car accidents, falls and injuries.

The tricky part can be the strength of each remedy - we call this "potency".
A basic potency for someone with trauma is 30C or 200C and all selected remedies can be given together, at one time, in that potency.

When I choose for my own clients, I create a set of remedies in ascending potencies, e.g. when I choose which remedies to administer, I put them together in potencies starting at 12C or 30C and going up to 10M or 50M. Basically, the person receives 4-5 doses of remedies to take one dose per day over 4-5 days. That is all!

So although choosing the remedies and potencies is the tricky part, taking them is simple and quick and they work fast.
In cases of injuries, there is also a need to take a remedy daily and even sip on it for more lasting effects, to assist healing. That remedy could be one of the above or a completely different one that covers the existing symptoms - in this case, the optic nerve and the vision centers in the brain. Such a remedy is taken every day for a period of time of about a month or until symptoms disappear.

Because homeoapthy works quickly and effectively, improvement can happen quickly and a new remedy may be required soon after to cover what is left and still unresolved.

Since homeopathy works differently from chemical medication - one remedy does not get used all the time for the same symptom. In homeopathy care is taken to match one of the thousands of available remedies to the needs of the individual patient because what may do wonders for one person, may be ineffective in the case of another person with the same problem.

But for simple injuries and to use at home, homeopathy is easy to use and there are a number of self-help prescribers that list the most common remedies for simple ailments and for first aid.

I hope this helps,


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