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Hi Sultan Mahmud,
I am a 27 year old female.  This past winter I was diagnosed with Pertussis Ė symptoms started end of September 2012.  Itís been almost 8 months and though the Pertussis symptoms are gone, Iíve been left with chronic bronchitis.  I cough up phlegm every morning.  I am fine (no coughing) throughout the rest of the day and night.  Iíve tried pertussinum 30C with no improvement.  What other homeopathic remedies would resolve this morning cough/phlegm?

Hi Michelle, you are welcome

1.   First of all I should advise you that never take any remedy without proper prescription. Inadvertent use of homeopathic remedies can further complicate your case. Titbits and ready made specifics should always be avoided.
2.   You are suffering from a chronic illness. Your case is not so simple, i.e. to advise some specific (?) remedy for your morning cough. You have already experienced that Pertussinum has not relieved your cough. For proper prescription, detailed case taking and a lot of personal information is required. You may be required to explain some crucial symptoms in person. And after first prescription, you will require detailed follow-ups. You are, therefore, advised to consult some qualified local homeopath or you may opt to have online treatment from me through my website.

With Regards,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud

May 19, 2013


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