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Good morning, I just had a question about my constant mouth ulcers. I frequently get little clear ulcers in my mouth, usually on the inside of my lips. Though they're just a nuisance and pop within a day or two I seem to get them probably atleast 3 times a month every month and I don't know why. Also, they're usually clear and today I got one that almost looks like it has blood in it. Do you know why I could be getting these and what I can do about it? Thank you so much for any help!

Hi Brianna!

Mouth ulcers can be caused by a lack of vitamin C, so if you have not tried this yet, try taking some extra VitC (from a natural food store, not the one from the regular drug stores or Walmart) or drink more natural lemon juice - 1/2 lemon in water first thing in the morning for a week or so. See if this helps.

To help get rid of the ulcers you can try washing your mouth with salt and water. You can also try some baking soda - put some directly on the ulcer, with your finger - it helps reduce pain.

As for homeopathic remedies, depending on the cause for your ulcers, there are a few choices:

Borax in the potency of 6C or 30C can help with most simple ulcers.
Natrum muriaticum in 30C can also help with many ulcers, especially if there is also sadness involved.
Mercurius 30C if there is a lot of burning and pain and many vesicles together, especially if you also salivate a lot at night.
Hepar is also useful if mostly they appear on your lower lip.

There are many more remedies to choose from. If you want a remedy selected for you more precisely, you can consult with a homeopath or drop me a note and I can select one for you.

One more thing - sometimes ulcers form on the mouth for psychological reasons, the most frequent one being not wanting something in your mouth - like a food you do not like, or if you don't like to eat, or something else you do not want to "touch your lips". The opposite is also possible - sometimes we want something a lot, but just as we think we got it, it gets yanked away from us - this can also lead to mouth ulcers and sore throats and such.

If you are idealistic and enthusiastic and get easily disappointed, or if you crave for things just out of your reach that seem to "slip out of your mouth" like a juicy morsel of food, your body can translate this literally as something being pulled out of your mouth and cause a reaction there. It is funny how our body will adjust to all kinds of mental stress and signals.

If this were the case, you could observe and try to remember what had upset you in the days before the ulcers appeared and try to make some changes there as well.

For a personal remedy selection, please contact me privately: ati@realmedicineclinic.com


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