QUESTION: sir i am 19 yr aged boy sir i have mild varicocele on my left testis..my family homeo pathic doctor give me hemamelis n pulsatila mother..this medicine is grt it reduces the swelling also but some time when i dont take these medicines it causes pain slighly on my testicle...so sir plz give me some medicines to cure it completely

ANSWER: Dear Mr Sourav
The medicines should be continued. For constituional treatment required a detail case history. that can be done physically going to a clinic. But for the time you can keep continuing the same medicines
Thank you

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QUESTION: my question is does homeopathy can cure it??

ANSWER: Yes can cure

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QUESTION: sir thank u for your reply...sir i been taking it 1 from yrs...i got to see a little  results...so how long i had to take this meditations ?

The treating doctor can answer this question. Because in homeopathy there is no FIXED MEDICINES for any SPECIFIC DISEASE. that hamammalis Q and pulsatilla Q is not the only 2 medicines for variococele. There are 100 of medicines. The selection of medicines varies doctor to doctor. If I will take the case history then i may give other medicines and can tell how many months to take medicines. So in other prescription taking those two medicines only could able to cure or not can not be told. thank you


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