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hi doc,
my name is udit solanki , 20 years old boy . my
height is 5'8" and I'm not satisfied with it. I
want to become a bouncer therefore height is
really matter to me. my elder brother is having
height of 6'2" and my father is 6'0" tall. I also
want to be just like them. I met a physician and
he adviced me to get a growth plate x ray , after
observing my x ray report he told me that my
growth plates have been closed and painful limb
lengthening surgery is the only option for me.
then I heard about sbl rite hite & alfalfa tonic in
homeopathy for height increase. now you are my
only hope please tell me when should I start to
take these remedies and what are the right doses of these remedies to take ?

Dear Udit,
         If your X-ray shows that the growing ends of your bones have already fused, it is most unlikely that you will get any taller. However, homeopathic preparations are absolutely safe; so, you can certainly give RiteHite a try for a year. You can just follow the dosage mentioned on the bottle. Also, please indulge in activities such as skipping, swimming, or stretching to facilitate a growth spurt. Playing games like basketball and volleyball will also be helpful. Thank you.  


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