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I was suffering from high blood pressure 90-150 cholesterol 225 . I started taking Rauw Q , Crat Q & Passiflora Q once daily and it got controlled with a increase a few times in 3 months , when I may be tense without any cause , only worried about illness . My Blood pressure is 82-120 and cholesterol 172 now . ECG is all right , sugar is OK . But I feel great debility in the morning which comes in control after eating . now today I along with debility also feeling palpitation , heart fluttering & become very much worried now . Today I observed that I while driving car, I felt uncomfortable with the seat belt and I kept on elongate it with other hand while driving with one hand . My other symptoms are as under:- Symptoms
1.   Mild pain in head
2.   Mild pain at back of chest upper portion
3.   Mucus in throat / Nausea
4.   Debility
5.   Always wants to lie down
6.   Do not want to do anything , even watching TV
7.   No thirst
8.   Donít feel like eating
9.   Morning sickness/Nausea from morning till evening
10.   Disturb sleep , wakes up at 2-3 am in night and takes time to sleep again
11.   Sadness
12.   All gone feeling in stomach
13.   Thinking of disease increases disease
14.   Always in a hurry & worry
15.   Hardworking/Intelligent/thinker
16.   Less physical work
17.   Dandruff in hair since many years and now eczema in hairy parts and back of ear
18.   Was having high blood pressure & high Cholesterol six months back , now OK
19.   Whenever  there is no depression , itching starts in head and nose starts flowing
20.   Overcare for others , wants and love to work for all family members & others
21.    Always want company
22.   Avoid confrontation/fight
AK Dhir

ANSWER: Hello,
     Your symptoms cannot be neglected or taken lightly. It would be advisable for you to get a full body checkup done to find out the cause of your problem. Also, you haven't told me if you are on any medications; as, at times, these symptoms could be related to certain medications. I'm afraid, I will be able to prescribe something for you only after I know the diagnosis. So, please do get investigated and then get back to me with the findings. Thank you.   

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QUESTION: I was taking homeopathy medicines for high blood pressure RauwQ , Passiflora Q , Crategeous Q and now I added strophanthus Q . Previously I was taking batch Agr , mimulus , white chestnut , aspen , impatiens ,mustard , olive .I was taking aconite 30 once in a day

During the time of your writing I got checked my blood for thyroid and all other test like uric acid , urea , cretinine proteins , albumin , biliburin , serum alkaline phosphate etc . MY ESR was 25 , other test was OK . I consulted a allopath yesterday and he gave me multivitamin engyme and sleeping pill only . But I want some homeopathy for this . pl advise . if you want to know anything else , I will let you know
AK Dhir

     On the basis of your symptoms, I would recommend Calcarea phosphoricum 30C for you. Please take 4 pills twice daily for a fortnight. Preferably avoid taking any other homeopathic medicines along with this. You may continue with the mother tinctures for your heart and blood pressure. Please increase your intake of onions, garlic, ginger, and asafetida in your meals. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and switch to whole grain cereals and pulses. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and remember to exercise moderately regularly. All this should help you to improve to a great extent. Thank you.


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