QUESTION: Dear Sir,.

I am 32 years old, I am having erection problem. I get morning erection. But don't get erection during sex or foreplay. Please advice me what to do. ?

History: Masturbation, Smoking.

ANSWER: Dear Atif, you are welcome,

You get erection in the morning but not during sex or foreplay. It shows that your erection is normal but you donít get it at the right place or time. You have some deep seated psychological problem which must be rectified to solve your problem. For this, detailed case taking and long discussion is required, and this is not possible here at this limited forum. You are, therefore, advised to please contact some local homeopath for proper treatment.

Wish you good health,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud

July 9, 2013


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I got with the psychologist, He is also unable to get to any point. Porn movies yes, they give some erection. But with wife it is no erection at. My wife is being psychology upset. Please help. I get erection with sedinafill, Yohibinum 30x 50 drops. Please advice some homeopathic medicine that keep me away from Viagra etc.

Dear Atif, welcome back

I have already told you that your problem needs thorough case taking and follow ups. According to my conviction, your case is hundred percent curable, but it can not be discussed at this limited forum. You were advised to contact a nearby homeopath. However, if you want to get treatment from me, then please contact me at my personal email address.


Dr. Sultan Mahmud
July 22, 2013



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