dear sir

i am suffering from hair loss since 12 yers. my hair volume has been reduced to 30%. hair have been week , thin. But hair on whole head .[ top of the head have less hair than sides] hair growth rate has been slow . sometimes itching & dandruff occur . When I examine hair It dont Contain the root of hair. I think it falls just above the roots means leaving the root on the scalp or inside the scalp .my hair has been a little bit thin. New hair come but donot live many days. i also suffered from conspitation from long time approx 8-9 yrs. Not good bowel   movement take 15 -20 minutes in the morning. I always worry about good bowel   movement. My hair from other part such as forearm, leg , chest, [some time eyebrow, eyelid] when rub come in hand.

Body examination ……….

my weight is 51 kg & unmarried , color fair a little yellowish, height 174 cm. and fair skin color . I started masturbation in the age of 17. i did masturbate ocassionly not making habit .And now since last 2 years   , if I do masturbate in any of   month,  my whole body aches whole of that day.but if night fall occurred ,my body  donot have any pain.so I don’t  masturbate .I want to know from you, are these thing resulted in hairloss?   
Some times there is white discharge [milky urine ] for 1-2 seconds and then it become in normal urine  after that suddenly  I feel weakness .

family history …………

in my family my father have partial baldness . 2 of 5 siblings suffered hair loss problem . but mmy grandfather have no suchlike and have good hair . my mother have sometimes scalp itching but not regular . she is diabetic type 1 . there is also good hair in my mother side family . my uncle also have good hair
I donot smoke. . I donot drink. I donot take fast food. Before Hair falling I had full head of hair . now  I have 30 % of my hair but have throughout scalp.

i have some bookish knowledge of homeopathy but it did not help me after taking several medicine
i  request you please analyse my problem, and please  refer remedy which can solve my hairfall problem and can get hair back. Plz  plz..help me I

Thanks for reading my lenthy post.

Dear Suhail,

It seems to me that your problem may be hereditary and also related perhaps to weakened thyroid function or some other gland or organ. Since we don't know that this is the case, it is hard to guess - perhaps a medical exam may confirm or not if organs and glands are functioning properly.

Malnutrition or toxins in food and the environment can also be a cause. Many of the plastics nowadays cause an increase of estrogen in the body and this can lead to hair loss also. There may be decreased testosterone production as well due to an exhausted prostate, perhaps from too much masturbation. This is not known, of course, so it is only a guess.

Since I am not sure how you live, what you eat and what else may be a problem for you, I can't select a proper remedy for your hair loss. There are many remedies that may help - here are 3 that you can try one by one and see if they give results. Try each one at least for 2 weeks, once daily, or for a month perhaps:

Phosphoricum acidum 30C
Sulphuricum acidum 30C
Lycopodium 30C

Sometimes the potency matters as well - so that 30C may not be the right potency for you. This can only be decided by a homeopath after a more thorough case taking. For example, a 12C or 200C may work better. I can't say that at this time.

If your thyroid is imbalanced, you can also try a remedy called Thyroidinum in the 7C or 30C potency. Again, to choose the correct one that is not just too general for you, one has to take the case.

You may be also deficient in nutrients that feed the hair. I am not a nutritionist, so I can't give you options in that area. But since all nutrients and vitamins work best when taken together, you may want to eat fresh food, stop eating processed food with too much coloring or additives, stop all carbonated drinks like coca cola and similar and avoid eating anything with artificial sweeteners that are not sugar or sugar cane.

I am sorry I can't provide more help. For a specific remedy for your case, you can contact me privately and I can pick for you a course of treatment to try and turn this problem around. If it is not hereditary and natural to your body type and lifestyle, we can fix it. If it is part of your makeup and natural constitution, nothing will help it -  perhaps slow it down, but not really fix it.



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