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hello doctor, how are you doing?? i am 30, female suffering from depression for the last more than 5 years and on Venlift od 300 mg and Prodep. i had been prescribed lithium but i never took it. i am married and planning to have a baby which is not possible by these evil drugs. even being on high dosage of these allopathic medicines, i also feel i am still not diagnosed properly and i might sometimes think i am bipolar. my life is stand still and at hault. pls help as i have already lost couples of years of my precious life.

Hello Pooja,
When a person is tested for Bi-polar they can tell if you have a lithium deficiency and prescribe lithium to alleviate that.
Since you did not take it you are still imbalanced.
Take it and see if that doesn't help you.
Give it 3 months.
If you are not better then, I am an expert in treating depression and bi- polar but you would need to come to me privately for me to do it and I charge $112.50 for a workup.
My website is:
Dr. Alva Irish  


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Dr. Alva Irish was born in Liberty, Texas, the heart of Petroleum country. You could push a gas pipe into the ground, hook it to a gas heater, and light it to heat your home. This is bad for anyone, and so she became interested in Health at a very early age. Using and studying Homeopathics since age 13, she and her husband Joe were poisoned with Carbon monoxide in l996. They were given the edict, "Get your affairs in order!". She was also diagnosed with Variegate Porphyria (VP), Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT), and Angeoedema. The VP and PCT, which causes a genetic sensitivity to light and chemicals, which was triggered into action by the Carbon monoxide. She was told bluntly, that she was going to die. That she could never take antibiotics, or any medicines of any kind again, and that there was no hope, no cure for her condition. Well, Dr. Irish thought otherwise. She quickly went to work and finished her Doctorates, winning the coveted Silver medal for making the Highest Honors in Scholastics from the British School of Homeopathy. They awarded her the title to use of FBIH. She did this for two reasons. First, she made a promise that if she did in fact survive, in return, she would do everything she could to find treatments and cures for so-called incureable and genetic diseases using alternative means. The other reason, was to save herself and her family. And she had no time. Having already put off finishing the degree work she had initiated for thee last 15 years, she went ahead and within one year finished her Phd, and three Doctorates, DHM, DN, and DD. Homeopathics are not excreted by the liver, so they were completely safe for her to take. She polished her skill in using them so that she latenized all of her symptoms, spurring Social Security into sending her a letter telling her, "Your Health has Improved" and removing her from the disabled list! This to a person with an incurable Genetic condition!

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