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Dear Mr.Sultan,

I need an advice from you. Please answer to this.Its been 3 months now and MY Aggravation from natrum muriaticum(10m)  aggravation is not coming to an end.I TRIED aconite 200c and now trying phosphorus 200c now as per the advice of an expert. I heard that when a patient after an homeopathic treatment from a doctor went to another doctor he gives Nux vomica to get rid of ill effects of previous treatment,before starting another treatment.

So,please answer all the following queries of mine:

1.Will taking Nux vomica sort my problem,if so then in how much potency and how many doses.How much time it may take ?

2. How much cure of my social anxiety will get lost.

3.Also,please tell me its been 3 months now and this aggravation is not coming to an end. Will it resolve on its own in future(as the effect of the remedy gets reduced) or it will stay foreever.

Please  answer all the questions of mine. I am planing to either go to a psychiatric treatment or to a homeopath who may give me Nux vomica and start a new treatment.If you answer all my questions,then i may be able to take a correct decsion regarding which way to go. Please help.


Dear Imtiaz, you are welcome

Here are the answers to all your questions:

1.   Nux vomica is not a universal antidote. The basic rule to select an antidote is “symptoms similarity”. Nux vomica will spoil your case if it doesn’t correspond with your present symptoms.
2.   Proper antidote benefits the patient and follows the action of the previous remedy and it does not deprive the patient of his health or cure already achieved by the use of previous remedy, rather it advances the cure further.
3.   Depending on the each individual case, unchecked aggravation may or may not take long time to go away.

Aggravation is a vague term when described by the patient. A patient usually has a lot of other symptoms besides the presenting complaint. The patient may complain aggravation in his presenting complaint or some other symptom. Aggravation is not harmful in each and every case. Only the consulting doctor has to decide whether the remedy should be antidoted or not. TRUST YOUR DOCTOR.


Dr. Sultan Mahmud

July 15, 2013


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