"my son has schizophrenia from last 5 years and taking Olanzapine 10 mg daily. From last one year he's also taking homeo medicines, but to no avail. His present symptoms are-
1. hear voices
2. see images of a girl and boy
3. Talk to imaginary persons in loud voice about (a) sex in explicit language, (b)laugh out loud (c) sings romantic songs (d) about death (e) sometimes, as if someone is daring him to fall from the height (f) has anger.
Request you to kindly help.

Dear Ajay, you are welcome

Sorry to hear about the serious condition of your son. You have not mentioned his age, marital status and other health issues. First of all I would like to tell you that homeopathy can cure your son and bring him back to the normal condition. But this case is not suitable to treat at this site. His case is not as simple as treating a sore throat. A lot of information and detailed discussions are required to treat him properly and effectively, and the doctor has to spend several hours to understand the case and to decide the curative remedy. After this, throughout the treatment, and till the achievement of the total recovery, doctor has to watch the case carefully and change the remedy according to the situation. This case requires a lot of involvement, so you should not expect any good by seeking casual advices from various doctors. Your son needs a proper treatment. Believe me he will recover very soon. You are, therefore, advised to please consult a local homeopath that is competent to treat such cases. Getting treatment from a local homeopath will be much economical. However, if you would like to get treatment from me, then contact me at my email address to proceed further.

Wish your sonís early recovery,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud

Email: Homeo.Psychiatry@gmail.com



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