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QUESTION: I am 23 yrs old. I am having stomach problems. It all started 4 yrs back. I had started having profuse stools and the frequency was two to three times a day. I could not have any rich food. I went to gastro enteritis and he did numerous tests including the endoscopy. But there was no problem detected. I had allopathic medicines and later also had homeopathic medicine alfalfa tincture, and few biochemics for a long period. These medicines gave little relief but didnít cure my problem completely. I do not used to have harmful junk food or food too spicy, liver tests are also normal. And actually I never had any digestion problem ever in life before this. My digestion was very strong before this. I had the habit of masturbation. I did it every day and many times a day. It was six to seven times at a time and ten to twelve times throughout the day. And without doing it there was not a single day. Many a times physically I was already drained after masturbating but mentally I wanted more, so I strained myself more. I started noticing that the more i am doing it the more my stomach getting upset.Along with it,With my sputum i used to see blood streaks. after which i did blood tests which were all normal. Also an x ray of chest, which was also normal.I had Iodium 30, and the blood streaked sputum got cured. HOwever the digestion problem still didnt get cured. When my digestion problem started, I used to have profuse diarrhea and I even have it even now, but I always felt very hungry, and even now I feel hungry even though I have stomach upset.I cannot wait for the food. Sometimes its already cooking but i need to have something till the food gets ready. but i cannot digest. Stools are yellow, sometimes light yellow, profuse, and slow. I have to spend 20 to 25 mins in toilet to clear my bowels. Sometimes they are very very large, not always. They are not hard, but formed, something like over ripened fruit. But they get dissolve and lose its form soon as fallen in the water in toilet pot. My tongue is usually white. I donít feel much thirsty, but feel hungry. The hunger is not much in morning but in later part of the day. There is no pain anywhere. I cannot have rich food but I always crave to have it, and when hungry I cannot wait for food. I have to just grab it when I see something to eat. But I cannot digest so I have only two light meals a day.
Please suggest me a medicine so that I get my digestion back as earlier."

ANSWER: Dear Karan,

If you have this problem for 4 years, there may be a connection to other health issues or stress factors in your life.

Have you check to make sure you don't have parasites of some kind? Parasites can make you feel hungry all the time and cause bowel problems.

Stress is another factor - if you are constantly anxious or stressed out, worried or intense, then this can lead to upsets in the functions of your body. Your bowel may stop digesting properly, evacuating undigested food or purging itself too often in an attempt to flush out any problems you are having actually in your mind.

Although there are many remedies for bowel problems, your symptoms are too varied - all kinds of stools and problems that can point to one remedy or another.
YOu can try a few remedies if you wish:
Asafoetida 30C
Lycopodium 30C
Pulsatilla 30C

One or another may bring some relief, but it is best to consult with a homeopath who can take your case and then choose the correct remedy for you.

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QUESTION: Thanks. There were no major stress in my life. But I feel lack of muscle power, weak in the bones.I feel too light.When i feel so i also cannot pronounce words accurately. But when i have vinigar or have just gotten up from sleep & my voice is little heavy then my pronunciation is proper.The tests which I did were mostly blood test, and sonography. Which is the test to detect whether if there is any parasite. I don't have pain anywhere or itching sensation. Lycopodium 200 i was given once a week & to be continued for a long time. So should I again try 30? I think I'll try the other two remedies first.

For a more specific remedy tailored to your condition specifically, I would need to take the case and select one of the many possible remedies that may fit your case. I also suspect that you will need a series of remedies over a period of time, to help you recover. This does not look like a short-term problem that just happened, but a chronic debilitating condition that may just worsen over time.

As such, it needs careful management and timely remedy upgrades until it is solved. It is best to consult a specialist/homeopath who can guide you and provide remedies.

For such a specific treatment, you can contact me privately as this is a general forum for general advice.


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