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Dear Sir,

Thank you for willing to take questions online. I am providing some details of my case below and would like to consult with you in person. Could you please advice.

I was recently diagnosed with Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism with a TSH in between 9.3 - 10.38 and T3 level at 1.04, T4 level at 10.1, FT4 at 1.12 and Anti-TPO > 1300. The endocrinologist said that since I have positive thyroid antibody test, I must start taking thyroid hormone medication and has prescribed me T. Thyronorm 25mcg, which I will have to take for life.

I didn't have any physical health problem as such. I noticed some frothy urine starting about 2 months ago and I was worried about any kidney problem. So I went to see a Nephrologist. The nephrologist asked to do some regular blood tests (like creatinine etc. to detect if there is any kidney problem) including thyroid tests. Plus I did a complete annual health check-up including chest x-ray etc. When I went to see the nephrologist after the tests again, she said there is no kidney problem but the TSH level is very high so referred me to endocrinologist. When I asked her if the forthy urine could be because of thyroid problem she said yes.

When I saw the endocrinologist, he asked me to do some further tests such as Anti-TPO and FT4. And I asked him the same question again if the frothy urine is due to thyroid problem, contrary to what the nephrologist has told me, the endocrinologist replied in the negative. So my original problem of frothy urine remained unsolved. But the endocrinologist now said, that since I have positive anti TPO test, I have the auto-immune disease symptom so need to start taking medication. He has prescribed 25mcg T. Thyronorm, which I have not yet started. I am little wary of the fact that if I start this I will have continue taking this for life.

Now, so far I don't any pain or suffering in any part of my body. But I have noticed increased hair loss in past few years and also lack of concentration and may be some weakening of memory etc., which may be due to the hypothyroidism that I certainly have.

Thank you for great and kind help.

Best Regards,

Dear anil

Foamy urine may not have any connection to thyroid,
you can see more details in
thyroid is treatable and you can visit our clinic for that no need of any worry about that. I have put several cases in our face book page for reference

please feel free to ask any specific questions



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