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Homeopathy/no synthyroid drugs, please!


Hi I was diagnosed as hypothyroid November, 2011. Something just felt so wrong to me when I was told I was being prescribed "synthetic" thyroid hormones.
I never filled the prescription. Instead, I started my own research, desperately seeking the root cause of hypothyroidism and natural cures.
Needless to say, nearly two years later I am deeper in the rabbit hole of information and lost in link after link of advice, sometimes one contradicting the other.
What I want to know is, how do I get Thyroidinum? How do I verify this substance is completely safe? and Who regulates the manufacturing process #since this holistic extract is not FDA approved.#
Part two of my question would be: Since I am unable to get through to my Dr., who thinks testing TSH is the be all, end all of determining a diagnosis; is there a SAFE and RELIABLE place I can get independent lab work done and monitor my own levels?  
Lastly, Am I on the right track in stating these specific blood tests are what I need: TPO #to see if I have Hashis'#, free T-4, free T-3, 25OH/D3, Iodine, B12, Selenium and Ferritin?
Thank you so very much for being available for people like me who desperately need your help! Hypo in Texas

Dear Angela,

You can buy homeopathic remedies online from a different registered pharmacies like Ainsworths in the UK or Boiron in USA or Canada, Dolisos, etc - use a google search for "Thyroidinum in USA" or to buy and find a place you can order it from.

It may not be FDA approved and if that is a problem for you in your country, then do not take it. The rest of the world has been using it effectively for many decades.

Homeopathic remedies contain no chemical substances so they are not toxic or in any way can they cause a physical reaction and they are safe.
How reliable can a remedy be? Only as much as you select the correct remedy - in homeopathy it is very important to diagnose correctly the problem, so that the remedy you choose and the strength in which you take it, are adequate to your needs. The wrong remedy or inadequate strength (potency) may not help at all.

I cannot direct you to a lab or place to monitor your hormone levels, but if your thyroid improves, you will know it anyway. You can search for a reliable place in the US and your area.

In any case, it is highly advisable that you find a good homeopath and get him or her to select the right remedy for you. It seems to me that it is not quite clear to you what has to be done, so it may be risky just trying remedies at random. Thyroidinum is not the only remedy that can help the thyroid, there are many others.

YOu can be hypothyroid for many reasons:
1. Your thyroid is exhausted from over-use and can't keep up with demands.
2. Your thyroid may be producing hormones, but they are not getting out there fast enough - for example, due to narrowing of the thyroid ducts - so that you feel you are hypothyroid, but you have enough hormone production.
3. Your pituitary gland may not be sending proper signals for hormone production.

Doctors will just supply a synthetic hormone to patch up the situation and make you feel better. It will never be exactly what you need, so over time you may or may not get the desired effect - meanwhile, if there is a deeper reason why your thyroid is not working properly, it won't be found and fixed and this can lead to more problems later on as the problem grows undetected,

There are also supplements and foods and herbs that can stimulate the thyroid and help restore it to proper function - you can see a naturopath about that and get some help. I would go for natural solutions first and take the medication last.

If allowed your body will rebalance itself best on its own. Perhaps with some help with diet, stress relief, a bit of this and that to help the process along (iodine rich foods or even Lugos solution iodine, some vitamins, etc.).

Here is a link to an interesting explanation to hypothyroid, it is a long webpage, but you can search the page for the word "thyroid" so you can read the references to those problems:

I hope some of this information will be useful and take you to the next step.


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