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Respected Sir,
         One Homeo Doctor has prescribed  Teucrium Marum Verum 6(dilution,two drops twice) )for my 4 year old grandson,as HE FREQUENTLY SUFFERS FROM COLD AND COUGH.
        Another doctor has told me that this is a medicine used for some serious disease .Please advise.
         With thanks

Dear Krishna
Homeopathy treatment deals with symptoms. We select the medicines on the basis of symptoms. But still every homeopathic remedies has some key notes symptoms. So on that basis I can say the Teucrium has the key notes symptoms of nasal polyp, itching of anus from worm. So if we link on that basis the chronic cough and cold if arise from nasal polyp related causative factors then can suitable for him. Secondly sometimes the chronic cough and cold arises in case of child of severe worm infestation. So if that is the cause then also it can be helpful. There are also other causes for chronic cold and cough like allergic condition, tonsilitis problem etc. so a remedy can be selected after a thorough case history.
Thank you  


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