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Hello Doctor,

I am 23 years old boy and suffering from premature ejaculation whenever i masturbate i cum with in seconds i never have,had sex in life i have taken ayurvedic medicines as well but felt no relief .

History: i have started masturbation from very early age and done in excess and after that suffered from sexual excesses and took acid phos 30x for 1 month  now this disease is gone  but currently suffering with PE

1. I feel stress and tension
2. I feel fatigue,weakness
3. I feel pain in feet
4. whenever i see something erratic i get arouse very quickly and ejaculate quickly.
5.my hunger and thirst is ok
6. I feel like to do things so much early example : if the button of my shirt wont open easily i try to open it so fast and sometimes i break it .
7. i get excited so early .
8. I gets irritate to early.
9. I forgot things specially names.
10. i have asthma problem but it flukes only in the winters .
11. my confidence level is low
12. my concentration level is very low
13. chronic constipation problem.

hope you understand my problem


Dear Sushant,
         Please note that premature ejaculation is a learned phenomenon. It is your hyperexcitability that is giving rise to this problem. Hence, the only way to treat this problem naturally is to follow the start-stop-start technique, where you try and control your orgasm consciously by stopping stimulation intermittently. It is very evident that your hyperexcitability is also at the level of your mind as well as your smooth muscles. That is precisely why you are also suffering from asthmatic attacks. I suggest that you start your treatment with the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica 30 first, taking 4 pills thrice daily for a month. Try to meditate in order to develop better mind control and to learn to relax mentally. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to regain your lost vigor and vitality. There are no shortcuts. Thank you.


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