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QUESTION: I have had ongoing issues with chest pain for a while now close to two years of and on , I have also suffered from panic attacks and stress , I have had a EKG , stress/treadmill , and ct angiogram and been told there is no problem , but of late I have been getting different chest pain more sharp and prickly as opposed to dull .
Last year a medium told me I had problems with my chest to come so this is on my mind .
Any thoughts

ANSWER: Dear Martin,

There are many homeopathic remedies that can be used for chest pain, but without knowing the cause it is hard to pick just one to try. Anxiety can cause chest pain, circulatory problems can cause it and from a German New Medicine perspective - so can stress! (www.learninggnm.com)

In German New Medicine, for example, when a person is angry or fearful a conflict in life can arise that is territorial in nature. In the wild, animals guard their territory. Our biology has some hard wired reactions to certain situations that mimic the way our ancient predecessors reacted. So if we lose a loved one, if we are abandoned, if someone dares to threaten our safety, authority or possessions, we can fall into a "territorial conflict".

Usually this is triggered by a specific event that catches us unawares and leaves us in distress for a long time. Our body will respond to such mental stress with physical reactions - some organs will be activated in order to help resolve the conflict.

In the case of the heart, the pain is caused by constriction or spasms. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with the heart, but pain is experienced as a result of other processes, a lot of them triggered in the brain, from the relays in charge of circulation and heart function.

So the problem has two components - physical healing and mental stress relief.
You said you have had this for 2 years. You also mention anxiety and stress.

If you are anxious by nature, and sensitive, you can easily be triggered by a sudden and unexpected conflict in life. If you hold on to stress and can't let it go or get rid of your anxiety, you can see how a sudden event can cause you on and off stress episodes. Those in turn will cause your body to respond with rush of blood to the heart and vital organs, then restoration of normal activity, then rush again at the next episode, etc. As a result you would have a symptom that is not related to heart disease.

Look back and try to identify the source of your stress. Is it resolved? If not, try to come to a resolution of the root problem that started it all so that your body can relax completely. You may have frequent reminders of the old problem that keep you on your toes and cause a repetition of the symptoms every time you remember the old stress - this has also to be identified and resolved.

it sounds simple and it actually is. But when a person has a tendency to anxiety and panic attacks, it is this tendency that creates the basis for physical symptoms. You see, your body is always working toward balance and survival, so when survival is threatened it will always compensate and try to protect you, even with nasty symptoms. In fact, those are meant to give you a heads up that you need to do something or else your systems will cause you even more problems.

In homeopathy there are great remedies to help one calm down from anxiety and worry - they are too many to list. Here are a couple you may find useful:
Aconite 30C or 200C for anxiety and fear.
Ignatia 30C or 200C for upsets, mood swings, grief and much more
Ars.a. 30C for constant fear, timidity, a need to have everything organized all the time, neat
Arg.nit. 30C or 200C for worry, stress and anxiety causing digestive problems

There are many more.
As to the heart symptoms, it is hard to prescribe without details and taking the case, as this area can be tricky.

I hope this helps,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Excuse my ignorance as I,m new to this , what is aconite  30c and 200c and where would I get hold of it , I,m in u.k
What you have said makes sense , I do have deep rooted issues that go back years that I thought I had got through or shrugged off  , most worrying to me is the bloody medium that banged on for ages during a reading telling me I will have a heart problem , the trouble is she was very accurate in other areas ,

Hi Martin!

Aconite is a homeopathic remedy and 30C is the strength or potency. In the UK there are many places to buy homeopathic remedies, but I am not sure where exactly as I am in Canada.
There are a few reputable companies: Ainsworths, Helios and others like Boiron, Dolisos, etc.

You can buy the remedy in the form of small granules that can be taken one at a time under the tongue or dissolved in water to be sipped throughout the day, for a more gentle but continuous support.

There is a lot of literature online about homeopathy and the basics, many home prescribers useful for simple things.
YOu may be able to find a homeopath locally, see if you get referrals to someone in town.

The problem with predictions and psychics is that they can impress us so strongly that we almost fulfill the prophecy on our own.
On the other hand, even without being a psychic, I could predict what physical problems you may develop if I know what your disposition is and what problems in life hit you…most men with anxiety or emotional issues tend to develop heart disease. Not because of poor eating habits, but because of the process i described earlier.

The key is to come to terms with what causes you the most fear or grief in life so that you can live life fully, experience happiness and not be trapped by emotions all the time. Easier said than done, of course, it is such a general recommendation. But with that goal in mind, and your heart pain to spur you into action, you may find the right people to help you through this, a step at a time.

Each of us is a puzzle, an intricate system of so many factors - physical, mental, spiritual, all the emotions and history of it all.
There is a method of treatment called Sequential Therapy or Seq. Homeopathy that helps de-activate the results of past traumatic experiences, it is quite straightforward and very helpful. There is counselling and life coaching, homeopathy and a long list of holistic therapies that help with the acute stress and confusion.

One thing is true of these types of situations - you need help from people who know what they are doing, to guide you through this. Doctors can help with drugs if they see a problem. Seems like they don't see one, so all they can give you is medication against anxiety, to sleep or against depression. Not useful in the long run and quite toxic if taken too long.

I hope this conversation will start opening your mind toward other solutions and perhaps you will notice the next one that comes along and one thing will lead to another and to health at the end.



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