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I am not writing about a current ailment. My question is, rather, theoretical but of practical importance to me. I own a large farm, and every year I get skin breakouts from poison ivy. I don't have the horrible, weeping breakouts that some people get, but still my skin is a continual eyesore during the warm months. I understand that Rhus tox is very effective after exposure, and I have found it to be so, but I'm wondering about its use to ward off problems beforehand. I've been told that this doesn't work, but I'm unclear on the reasons. I do know people, other farmers, who have dairy goats who picnic on poison ivy, and their owners have developed a resistance after drinking the goats' milk over time. This is not the case with farmers whose dairy goats do not have access to poison ivy. If this works with ingestion of a small amount of digested poison ivy in milk, why wouldn't it work with Rhus tox? And if it does, what would be the prophylactic dosage?

Thanks very much.

     Homeopathic medicines can certainly be used for prophylaxis. You can try taking 4 pills of Rhus toxicodendron 30C potency every night for 15 days to a month. It should get your immune system used to the presence of Poison ivy in the vicinity. Thank you.


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