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QUESTION: Sir, I'm Saptashi from Assam,India (male, age 18). My hair started greying when I'was 14. At first there was only one grey hair but gradually it increased. Now grey hair is all over my head(but not in a large number). My parent's hair started greying when they were in 30-35. I've read about lycopodium and acid phos in websites. Will these help? Sir I masturbated at lot years ago but now not very much (2-4 times a month). I am mentioning this because I've heard that grey hair may be due to masturbation(True or false I don't know) Which medicine should I take to get the natural colour of my hair? I've read about many natural remedies but these take time which I don't have as I'm a student and have to attend college. (except this I've no ploblem and not taking any medicine) Thanks in advance .

ANSWER: Hello,

I'd suggest you to take Staphysagria 6c one dose a day for one month and then report back. Also do daily yoga and meditation and eat sentient vegetarian food. best wishes

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sir I've taken the medicine as per your advice for 1 month but my hair is still in the same condition (grey) . Please suggest me what to do now?
Thank you .

Hello Saptashi,

Although I cannot guarantee any specific results because treating someone through internet without proper case taking offers very limited view, but we are trying... Let us hope you can good results in due course of time.

I would suggest that you try the following Flower essences - together in a  glass dropper bottle. Make a solution of water and alcohol in a 50ml bottle and put 4 drops of each remedy in the solution - and then take 4 drops 4 times a day from this solution for a month - or if a homeopathic pharmacy can prepare it for you, it would be even better.

Names of flower essences

- Crab Apple
- Impatiens
- Pine
- Gentian

Let me know how it went.

best wishes


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