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Homeopathy/hydrocele in left testicle swollen and feel heavy with little pain


39, male, slender, 45 kg, 5í6Ē losing weight recently. im sensitive, easily irritated and upset.
my navel area always burns, it become worse if I sit at computer for long time just after taking food. its almost 6 to 7 years, I did all kind of allopath test but all normal. It started when I was working in nightshift. the problem recedes if I lie down or take rest. I always feel hot in my stomach and navel area. If I poor water I feel little better. If I take any spicy food my esophagus burns for sometime.
the other health problem is recurring pinworm infection from my childhood which never got cured in spite of all the hygiene and medication. It aggravates if my food contain sugar, sweet or guava fruit I get itching at anus and pin worm around evening till midnight.
I stay alone and my sleep is restless, my mind keeps working eve in in my sleep that means Im conscious always. I am a vegetarian, I donít drink alcohol or smoke. I always develop too much foul smelling gas which I have to pass though flatulence but it does nt make any sound. I feel like all my food is converting in to air. my stool is not normal sometime its urgent and sometime its constipation. I sweat and the sweat when dries looks like salt. My skin and hair is dry and I have dandruff always. Recently my gums are receding. I like sweet and fruits but I donít touch them due to pinworm. My thirst is normal.
Male genital erection normal, hydrocele in left teste, swelling and little pain, felt heavy.
I had no sex for past  3 years, erection is normal, I have done all the test CBC, blood sugar, urine sugar USG of abdomen, HIV, STD,  USG of scrutom. Everything is normal except  it says minimal hydrocele.
My family has a history of TB. My father had TB but now he is healthy and I too had TB I completed the six month course.
Recently I was taking ayurvedic medicine for burning sensation around my navel. Once I took arnica mont 1M for some early morning to cure my burning sensation.

Hello Prasant
I read your all case history. Just take this 2 medicines you will be cured completely from all the health issues. But one thing leave the night shift job. OK

1) Sulphur-1M - Liquid form- 2 to 3 drops directly put on your tongue once in a day at morning empty stomach on every sunday, tuesday, thursday

2) Tuberculinum-1M -Liquid form- 2 to 3 drops directly put on your tongue once in a day at morning empty stomach on every Monday, wednesday, Friday

Report me after 1 month
Thank you


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