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QUESTION: Dear sir,

My name is imtiaz. I stay in India. I would be very grateful to you if you clarify a doubt of mine. I am suffering from an ailment called “social anxiety disorder”. (It is the fear of going to public places like malls, buses, railway station, and school, offices, facing and talking to people). These activities causes me huge anxiety. So, on the basis of my symptoms, I took a remedy natrum muriaticum 10m on my own, but unfortunately I took 9 doses of the same within two months. It caused me huge aggravation. It totally disturbed my life. Then I researched internet   to find about aggravation. I found an article stating this-

“An aggravation can last from 6minutes to 6 years and during aggravation no more homeopathic remedies should be touched”

But, when I went to one of a famous homeopath of my town he prescribed antidotes which I stopped because of the above article.
Now, please clarify a doubt of mine. What should I do with the homeopathic treatment? Should I restart it? Will it improve or worsen my situation? Currently I am on psychiatric treatment.
If the above article (about 6 min-6 years) is true then why that homeopath prescribed antidotes? Was he just trying to make money?
Please, help. I will be grateful if you help?


ANSWER: Dear Imtiaz, you are welcome
I will be grateful to you if you will send me the link of that article. Only favorable homeopathic aggravation (curative) requires no intervention. If a case is deteriorating, that must be antidoted and put on the right track by reviewing the whole case.
Hope I have answered your question. Avoid self-medication.
Dr. Sultan Mahmud

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear sir,

Thanks for the reply. I am pasting below the url of the article you asked for. That line stating 6 min- 6years aggravation is in the middle of the article. please find it.

Also, please explain me the same if you have time.


Dear Imtiaz,
Thank you for providing the link. It is amazing to read this explanation of homeopathic aggravation. It is not that way. A favorable homeopathic aggravation means, e.g. the fever may go high a little bit, or the pain, cough or itching etc. may aggravate for a while but in spite of this aggravation the patient feels overall better and does not bother his sufferings. And during the course of time not only aggravation subsides by itself but also cure occurs without any intervention. Because it brings about cure, therefore the aggravation is not too prolonged. Moreover, it is not life threatening. Non homeopathic aggravation deteriorates the condition and makes the patient really more sick, and that is why it should be tackled promptly.
Hope this explanation is sufficient for you.
Good luck,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud
November 4, 2014


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