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Homeopathy/testicular varicocele


   i m a 23 yr old guy suffering from varicocele of left testis since 4 yrs .4 yrs ago when the problem had occcured i went to a surgeon and he diagonised it for varicocele and advised surgery.....he treated it with surgery i don't feel the pain but the problem is still cause minor pain when i play sports or running

Hello Rahul,

In the absence of detailed case, at best I can give you a prescription of flower essences, which I think may help you. Please try it for one month (4 drops - 4 times a day) and let me know of the progress.

- Beech
- Crab Apple
- Gentian
- White Chestnut

Make a 50ml dropper bottle with water+alcohol and two drops of each remedy in it and take 4 drops from that mixture 4 times a day for 1 month.

You may be able to get them from Homeopathic pharmacy. if not you would have to find them online.

best wishes,


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