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Homeopathy/testicular vericocele


QUESTION: sorry for late reply sir you said that you cannot advise any authentic medicine for my disease in the absence of complete picture sir my complete history is this
 i m a 23 yr old guy suffering from varicocele of left testis since 4 yrs .4 yrs ago when the problem had occcured i went to a surgeon and he diagonised it for varicocele and advised surgery.....he treated it with surgery i don't feel the pain but the problem is still cause minor pain when i play sports or running
note;i am also the patient of masturbation since last 6 years
desire of sweet things
memory strong but height is less than as compare to my brothers
very sensitive about what people say about me
sensitive to strong smell smell(bad smell)
relieve my syptoms b y eating foods
chronic constipation in which stool first part is hard and other is soft not satisfy to excerete full stool
health bad dark circles around eyes
feel anxiety
feel very tension in neck and shoulder
cystytis of bladder
urine not pass in one effort
dropping urine drops after urinate,sometime after coughing,after hurt
urine color yellow(pale)
sexual organ is not healthy stop growth,medium
dandruff in hair since 8 years
gastric problem relief after gas exert

ANSWER: Dear Anwaar,

If you have contacted me before Re: this issue, please use the same thread as it helps me to keep track of the case and its proceedings. Also when you do follow ups,, please use the same message thread.

Based on the information you have provided, I'd suggest that you take Pulsatilla (30) one dose once a week for two weeks and let me know how it went.

best wishes

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: sir on the basis of my medical history you precribed pulsstila 30 as a remedy for me.i used it feel some better about 10 percent but since last week i gain a new problem diagonised anal fistula by doctor at 10o'clock position with minor pain and pus is secreted from it.

Dear Anwaar,

Ok, so are you asking for prescription for fistula ? If so, you need to send me detailed symptoms of this problem.

1. detailed description of the problem (not just a medical diagnosis, but symptoms in layman's terms)
2.  how/what makes it better and what/how it get worse ?
3. all other associated symptoms

best wishes


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